Cannabis as Medicine

H. Hawley Foote, Pharmacist, 1900-1965
(Arms crossed, left – Grandfather of David C. Lytle)
Bay State Drug, early 1930s


Once upon a time,

Cannabis preparations were official drugs in the United States. And for a brief time, alcohol was illegal and Cannabis was available from pharmacists like my grandfather pictured above.

The Dispensatory of the United States and the Eclectic medical tradition mark the beginning of this era. The death of John Uri Lloyd, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, and the final publication of the Eclectic Medical Journal signify the end of this era.

Several Cannabis monographs from classic and official texts can be viewed, in PDF format, by clicking on the links to the right. Please note that “marijuana” had not been “invented” yet and therefore does not appear in these authoritative, pre-prohibition references.

Check this site often, as content will be added including the medical Cannabis articles from the entire run of Eclectic Medical Journals and much more.