Specializing in methods, techniques & instruments for chemical, spectral & mass analysis of natural compounds.

Natural Products Chemistry

I am experienced in the various methods, techniques and instruments necessary for chemical, spectral and mass analysis of a wide range of natural products compounds. See pharmcognosy chart.

I have training and experience in lab regulatory issues, lab safety, hazardous materials handling and waste disposal. I can assist your company with new and used equipment resourcing, installation, validation, training, optimization, maintenance and repair. From as little as necessary to as much as you like, I can harness these tools for the benefit of your company.

Botanical Reference Library

Fresh Goldenseal Rhizome & Roots

Leica Low Power Stereo Zoom Sample Inspection Microscope

Clevenger Volatile Oil Traps

Soxhlet Extractor

Hypericin Solution UV Fluorescence

Ginkgo Hydrolysis

Goldenseal Adulteration HPTLC

Milk Thistle Extract vs Seed Flavonoids by HPLC

Limonene NIST GC Mass Spectra

3M Petrifilm Yeasts & Molds

J2 Scientific PrepLinc System

TXRF Elemental Spectra

Natural Products Chemistry Experience


1. Classic Pharmacognosy



  • Reference Materials
    Standard, official and classical texts, reference books, scientific papers.
  • Sampling
    Significant, statistical and official methods; “Is it a sample or an example?”
  • Macroscopy
    Form, appearance, description; for comparison to reference materials and standards.
  • Sensory Evaluation
    Color, aroma, flavor, texture, etc. Unique identifiers.
  • Microscopy
    Various magnifications and techniques including darkfield, polarized, fluorescence, IR.
  • Digital Imaging
    Modern cameras and software deliver new levels of analysis, documentation and reporting.
  • Classical Methods
    Loss on drying, total ash, volatile oils, extractives, foreign matter and much more.

2. Instrumental Analysis



  • TLC – Thin Layer (Planar) Chromatography
    Scanning Densitometry under UV, Vis, FL.
    Everything Camag HPTLC and more.
  • LC-Liquid Chromatography
    With RI, UV, DAD, ELSD, FL, IT-MS, TQ-MS detection systems.
    Agilent (HP / Varian), Perkin-Elmer, Waters, Thermo (Dionex).
  • GC – Gas Chromatography
    With TCD, FID, ECD, OFD, EI-MS detection systems.
    Agilent (HP / Varian), Perkin-Elmer, SRI.
  • Spectroscopy
    UV, Vis, FL, IR, AA, X-ray, Mass.
    Agilent, Perkin-Elmer, Bruker, Hitachi.

3. Specfic Issues

“Health & Safety”


  • Microbiology
    Plate Culture Methods Sanitation Efficiency Total Yeasts & Molds, ATP, Ozone, UV.
  • Mycotoxins
    Secondary microbiological contamination, UV, TLC, LC-TQMS and Immuno-Affinity methods.
  • Pesticides*
    GC-ECD, GC-MS, LC-TQMS + GPC / SPE system. Complete array for routine, wide range, trace analysis.
    *Blanket term for insecticides, fungicides, herbicides. etc.
  • Residual Solvents
    GC-MS, w/ dynamic headspace. Ethanol, Methanol, Butanes, Propane, Acetone and more.
  • Elemental Analysis
    TXRF, AA + microwave digestion. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and much more.